About us

Isabella Vrana was founded in 2015 by Isabella during her university degree. Today, the team is made up of 4 women, working in our East London studio.

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Our designs are manufactured ethically in London, in factories personally audited by our founder. Take a look at our 'ethics' stories highlight on our insta to take a look inside our factories. The exception to this is our hoodies & unisex tees which will be manufactured in our factories going forward. Our core values revolve around supporting the British textile industry, we believe in investing in our local community, and in people and businesses that we trust. We hold personal relationships with our manufacturers and regularly visit our factories. This is important to us on an ethical basis but also environmental, as a short travel time between our factory & studio reduces our carbon footprint. 


All our fabric is sourced from suppliers and distributors in the UK. When possible, we use deadstock end of the line fabrics to limit the impact on the environment. The deadstock fabrics we use are from our favourite era - the late 90s/early 00s - and using these means we rely less on the production of new fibres.

Our Employees

Everyone who works for Isabella Vrana is paid fairly for their time, we have never and will never employ unpaid workers. This is extremely important to us, as we believe no one in the fashion industry or elsewhere should work for free. All our employees receive proper sick pay & holiday, and work fair hours with proper breaks.


We spend a great deal of time and funds investing in solutions that ensure our designs are high quality. Through working with vintage clothing for years we been able to study what stands the test of time, and what features of a garment work best to give a comfortable fit. Almost all our pieces are made using stretchy fabric to ensure the best fit for all body types, and we are constantly working to expand our size range. For any queries relating to the quality & fit of our pieces please contact customerservice@isabellavrana.co.uk